Step 1

Choose what art you will donate:

Now that you know the type of donation you will be making, select the works of art that would be best suited to our marketplace.  

We are seeking art that is high-quality and professional in nature, suitable for wall art or other aesthetic applications. 

We are interested in all genres and styles of art.

To read more about how to select artworks that will have the greatest chance of being represented in our gallery, click the link below.

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Step 2

Choose the type of donation:

There are three types of donations.

1. A physical piece of art - All original artwork framed or unframed on any medium, including paintings, sculptures, carvings, etc... 

2. Digital artwork with the assignment of rights - This means that we will only produce a limited number of this piece, allowing us to offer the work at a higher price and donate more funds to our humanitarian aid affiliates.

3. Digital artwork for printing and reproduction - This means that you continue to own all rights to the image but giving us rights to print and reproduce the image for the purpose of the charity.

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Step 3

Send us your Donation:

When you know what you'd like to donate, and how you'd like us to sell your donated art, the next step is to contact us using the form below.  

Just send us a message with a brief description of the artwork you would like to donate, and we'll send you back an email with detailed instructions on how to make the submission.

For digital submissions, we will send you a file request via Dropbox. SImply drag and drop the files into Dropbox via your web browser.

For more information, click the link below.

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Contact Us

If you would like to make a donation, please send us a message with a brief description of the nature of your donation and we will email you back instructions on the best way to proceed. Thank you for your interest in A More Beautiful World.